Meet The Owner ~
Dedicated to the preservation of British Motorcycles and being the last US distributor of Triumph Motorcycles America, John is now back to his roots and love of British motorcycles.

Everything began in the early 60's when John worked as a mechanic at Award Motors in Costa Mesa. In 1969 he became service manager and started developing his knowledge and passion for British Iron. in 1970 he opened his own shop; John's Racing Cycles and in 1971 he added the line of Bultaco and Suzuki. In 1975 he sold John's Racing Cycles and founded JRC Engineering which was conceived from his love of Triumph Motorcycles and his attention to detail. Here he began producing parts and within 2-years had over 6000 inventory line items. After selling JRC and following other avenues of passion, John returned back with his first true love;

Classic British Motorcycles!  


Darren Gardner 1976 Triumph 750 TT Street

Leslie Heid        Yelp Review

Mark Smith       1967 Triumph 650 Bonneville

Michael Zenher  1956 Triumph 650 Twin


Dedicated to the Preservation of Classic British Motorcycles