PREMIUM CADMIUM PLATING PACKAGE Produces A Bright, Glossy, Cad-Plated Protective Finish
Includes Labor Intensive Degreasing, Stripping, Deburring, Minor Repairs, Sand Blasting, & Plating Processes

* Includes All Engine & Frame Steel Hardware
* Front, Rear & Swing-Arm Axels, Nuts, Washers
* All Steel Brackets, Plates, Brake-Arms, Etc.
* Chain Adjusters, Coil Brackets, Lever Adjusters
* Exhaust Flanges & Intake Spigots
* All Steel Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers, Collars (as required)
* Available in Silver or Gold

Note: This process is for steel parts only
Aluminum alloy parts should be chemically stripped, polished
or anodized.

  $750 per bike for any year Triumph, BSA, Norton

    Revision 2

Dedicated to the Preservation of Classic British Motorcycles