Show Chrome Plating, Stripping, Polishing, Copper, Nickel & Chrome Processes

* Front & Rear Rims (Made in England Stampings Preserved)
* Handle Bars, Clutch, Brake, Twist-Grip & Choke Levers
* Kick-Start & Shift Levers, Gas Cap & Oil Tank Cap
* Fork Dust Excluders, Pinch Bolts, Crown & Fork Cap Nuts
* Front Brake Cover, Headlight Shell, Rim & Securing Screw
* Complete Exhaust System; Pipes, Mufflers, Clamps, Straps
* Front & Rear Fender Stays (where applicable)
* Shock Covers/Springs, Wheel weights, Tach Drive Housing
* Engine Push-Rod Tubes & Points Cover
* All Required Misc. Hardware (Chrome Gas Tank Not Included)

  $1000 exchanged for any year Triumph, BSA, Norton

   Revision 2

Dedicated to the Preservation of Classic British Motorcycles