PREMIUM POWDER COATING SERVICE PACKAGE For That Wet, Durable, Bright Glossy (or Semi-Glossy) Finish
Includes Labor Intensive Bare Metal Preparation, Minor Repairs, Straightening, Masking, Baked Oven Premium Powder

* Front & Rear Frame Section, Motor Mounts, Seat Base
* Chain Guard, Swing Arm, Brake Stay, Steering Damper
* Side Stand, Center Stand, License Plate Mounts
* T-Stem, Fork Crown, Fork Sliders, Headlight Mounts
* Rear Hub, Brake Drum, Brake Plate & Brake Spring
* Foot Peg Mounts, Foot Pegs, Engine Torque Stays
* Tail Light Mount, Battery Box, Zenor Diode Mount
* Break Pedal, Fender Stays (3), Rear Hoop w/Brackets
* Seat Hinges, Speedo / Tach Mounts, Reflector Mounts
* Misc. Air Cleaner, Oil Tank, Horn, Mounts & Brackets
Your Choice of Gloss or Semi-Gloss Finish

  $1000 Per Bike Set

    Revision 2

Dedicated to the Preservation of Classic British Motorcycles