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All  of Triumph Classic Motorcycles Engine Rebuilds include dynamically balanced, blue-printed engines, which run considerably smoother, while increasing the power output


  • Complete disassembly of engine, transmission & clutch.

  • Chemically striped and cleaned sludge-trap tube, crankshaft & crankcase oil galleys.

  • Carefully inspected, measured and re assembled balanced crankshaft, re-sized connecting rods, camshafts, pistons & rings,  cylinder, cylinder head, valve-guides, rocker boxes, transmission & clutch with all new  bushings, bearings, & seals.

  • Freshly Bored & Plateau Honed Cylinder(s)

  • Polished, re-sized connecting rods, with new wrist-pin bushings; precision honed to fit as new

  • Machined head with new black-diamond premium valves & valve guides, honed for precision fit,  faced with ground valves & valve seats.  

  • Dynamically balanced crankshaft, flywheel, connecting rods, pistons, wrist-pins & chain-wheel

  • Vapor blasted crankcases, cylinder head with polished alloy outer covers

  • Upgraded double lip engine and transmission seals and Viton o-rings to help prevent typical  engine oil leaks.  

  • New Hardware

  • Vapor Blasted Engine Cases

  • Newly Chrome Plated Push Rod Tubes 

  • Kick Starter

  • Shift Lever

  • Painted Cylinder

  • Polished Connecting Rods 

  • Polished Outer Cases

  • Rocker Boxes & Caps. 


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