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Triumph Classic Motorcycles restores all popular British Motorcycles, specializing in Triumph, BSA, and Norton. These machines are pristine and ready for any judging contest. All bikes are modernized as reliable daily riders, with updated electronic ignition systems, along with suspension, fully balanced and blueprinted engines. Colors are perfectly matched and certified as factory original.


Complete Professional Nut & Bolt Restorations Suitable For Any Judging Contest



• Every part is either New, Powder-Coated, Chrome, Nickel, Zinc Plated, Polished, or re-conditioned

• Freshly Painted 2-Stage Lined Gas Tank, Fenders, Oil Tank & Side Covers, with Decals under clear coat

• All Powder-Coated Frame Components with Polished, Chrome Plated and Zinc Plated Parts

• Newly Rebuilt Wheels; Rims, Stainless-Steel Spokes, Polished and/or Painted Hubs

• Newly Rebuilt Balanced and Blue-printed Engine, Transmission & Clutch

• Newly Vapor Blasted Crankcases, Polished Outer Engine Cases, Chrome Plating & Zinc Plated Hardware

• Newly Improved Rebuilt Premium Front Forks with updated aluminum sleeves & machined bushings

• New Tires, Tubes, Rim Locks & Rim Bands

• New Premium Brakes

• New Premium Rear Shocks

• New Premium Electronic Ignition & Voltage Regulator

• New Premium Yuasa Battery, Headlight & Tail Light

• New Wiring Harness & All Electric Components

• New Chain, Wheel Bearings, Seals, Shims, Collars

• New Cables; (clutch, brake, throttle, speedometer & tachometer)

• New Plastic Lenses, Fuel Taps, Grommets

• New Handle Bars, Levers, Clamps, Gauges & Grips

• New Rubber Parts, Fuel & Oil Lines

• New Seat, Straps, Latches & Rubber Cushions

• Reliable, Roadworthy, Wall-Art or Museum Piece

• Includes our 12-Month / 12,000 Mile, Limited Parts & Labor Warranty

• Complete Comprehensive 100pt Roadworthy Checklist

• Complete Final Documented Safety Inspection with Road Test Certification

We begin by selecting factory British motorcycles from the 40's 50's 60's & 70's. We then carefully disassemble all frame and engine components down to the red fiber washer on the swing-arm grease zerk, (which are typically missing). There are approximately 35 frame components that get chemically stripped and powder-coated using the proper blend of materials to produce the original satin/gloss finish.


Next we prepare all of the hardware for CAD/Zinc plating; this requires stripping, sand-blasting and in most cases hand polishing each piece to produce that original shinny finish. Our paint finish is achieved by painstakingly stripping every part, hand shaping and after 9-coats of show-quality paint and clear obtain a perfect finish suitable for any showing. Finally we triple chrome plate all required parts and hand polish each alloy cover to perfection. While this is going on, the engine is completely rebuilt & balanced using all new factory parts. Visit our engine rebuild tab for details...

The assembly process begins with the frame and swing-arm. New swing-arm bushings are installed and reamed to size, then new rear shocks, frame hoop, braces, front forks with all new bushings and seals, gaiters, bearings, etc. The rims are laced onto newly restored hubs with polished stainless steel spokes & nipples. Note: the hand selected rims are typically re-chromed factory English (when available) otherwise new English replacement rims are supplied. The tires are pre-selected to meet the requirements of the customer.

The paint service begins with clean sheet metal parts; gas tank, fenders, headlight mounts, oil tank, and tool box cover. All of these parts are stripped and straightened before primed and painted. Note: Factory finishes; paint color and paint schemes are adhered to unless the customer selects an alternate. The engine (your choice of stage I, II, or III) is installed along with all of the other components and finally inspected and road tested.

1970 TCM Baby Bonne.jpg

Owners manual, tools, 2-sets of keys and the factory certificate of authenticity is supplied to the customer upon completion of all restorations.

These motorcycles are re-produced to near perfection down to that red fiber grease zerk  washer we previously mentioned. A real head turner whether your riding these jewels for your personal enjoyment, or putting them into a collectors museum. 

We always have a wide selection of Triumph core motorcycles for you to choose from including unit construction twin 500s, 650s, & 750s. Check with us if you're looking for a particular year, make and model.

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