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Our owner, John Calicchio, purchaser of Triumph Motorcycles America, founder of JRC Engineering and the last appointed US Triumph Classic Motorcycle Distributer dedicates his efforts to the preservation and restoration of Vintage British Motorcycles. John’s reputation for quality engineering, restoration and design innovations has put him in the forefront with the British motorcycle community.

"We specialize in professional quality restorations, using factory quality British parts, expert service and show-quality paint. Customers can have their motorcycles professionally restored, or can choose from our line of factory, custom and specialty bikes. Want To Do-It-Yourself?  Let us help you with our extensive line of products, services and advice. Our vast motorcycle inventory includes Bonnevilles, Tigers and Trophy Twins ranging in years from 1963 - 1983.

With the growing interest in classic, vintage and specialty British motorcycles, our team's background, dedication and expertise are the perfect fit.

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1976 Triumph TT Street Legal by Darren Gardner

"I just love my bike from top and bottom. Alloy spokes, the headlight, alloy brackets, 60s hardware and bars just set it off lovely, its timeless, I'll never sell her that's for sure! Your 100% right she started first kick on compression every time; sounds awesome. Nice tip if it doesn't after 2 there's an issue with me lol. Yep lights were on started first kick when off ha ha been down the road feels awesome. She idles and starts hot or cold could ask for more it's a love affair buddy!  Your 2016 line up is awesome. Love the tracker and TT models. Thank you for building and shipping my jewel to me. I wish you all the success in the world."

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